Time’s Last Gift

timeslastgift-200pixBy Philip Jose Farmer

A prelude to Philip José Farmer’s Khokarsa series

Afterword by Christopher Paul Carey and chronology by Win Scott Eckert and Dennis E. Power

Discover how the time-traveling jungle lord John Gribardsun ends up being regarded as ancient Khokarsan deity known as Sahhindar, the Gray-Eyed Archer God…

Three men and a woman on board a timeship travel from 2070 A.D. to 12,000 B.C.—a journey that could never be repeated. For the passengers, all anthropologists, it was a once-in-a-million-lifetimes expedition… a chance to study primitive man as modern man never could. But none of them was prepared for what they would discover—or for the impact of their travels in a time that had yet to come…

Publisher: Titan Books, 2012
Trade Paperback
ISBN-10: 0857689657
ISBN-13: 978-0857689658

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