Farmercon 90

I’m finally getting situated after my recent trips to Peoria and Denver, just now realizing I haven’t posted any photos from Farmercon 90. So without further ado…

Mingling between scheduled events at the Peoria Public Library on Saturday

Dennis E. Power and Tracy Knight (Tracy, a good friend of Phil’s and an outstanding author, is completing Phil’s Western novel, Cougar by the Tail)

Tom Josephsohn speaks about what it’s like to have a Grand Master in the family

Gary K. Wolfe entertains with a story about a dark and stormy night with Phil Farmer

The erudite Hans Kieslow, who flew in from Denmark

Michael Croteau accepts 2008 Farmerphile Award for Best Artwork on behalf of Charles Berlin, who unfortunately was unable to attend (Is it just me or are those frogs looking more and more like the sinister spawn of Cthulhu?)

Me (left) with Rick Lai, pulp historian and creative mythographer extraordinaire (and yes, those are the original Don Ivan Punchatz Riverworld paintings behind us)

Tom in his grandfather’s chair

The gathering on Sunday

Torin Farmer, Jack Cordes, and Gary K. Wolfe

Zacharias Nuninga, proprietor of the Philip José Farmer International Bibliography, who flew in from the Netherlands

Win Scott Eckert and Steve Mattsson (Win, another outstanding author and friend of Phil’s, recently completed Phil’s Gothic horror novel, The Evil in Pemberley House)

Jack Cordes and Gary K. Wolfe

Original Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction cover art by Ron Walotsky for Venus on the Half-Shell

Phil’s Hugo’s