Many of the inhabitants of ancient Khokarsa could trace their ancestry back to Sahhindar, the legendary Gray-Eyed Archer God who was said to have founded the Khokarsan civilization. Philip José Farmer reveals in the addenda to Hadon of Ancient Opar that Sahhindar was in actuality a time traveler named John Gribardsun, whose adventures are related in Farmer’s novel Time’s Last Gift. Since Gribardsun was also a member of the Wold Newton Family (see my afterword to Time’s Last Gift, Titan Books, 2012), many of the inhabitants of Khokarsa—including Hadon of Opar and Kwasin of Dythbeth—were also Wold Newton Family members and inherited the mutated genes that originated from the meteor strike near the hamlet of Wold Newton in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England in 1795.


Prehistory of the Wold Newton Family, circa 10,000 B.C. (Click graphic to enlarge image.)