The following is a list of the Khokarsa series in internal chronological order. Note that the series does not necessarily need to be read in this order. See here for the order of the main series. (For Philip Jose Farmer’s “Chronology of Khokarsa,” click here.)

Khokarsa Series in Chronological Order:

Time’s Last Gift (novel): 12,000 B.C.–2073 A.D.

Exiles of Kho (novella): 10,812 B.C.–10,810 B.C. (788 A.T.*–790 A.T.)

Hadon of Ancient Opar (novel): 10,011 B.C.–10,008 B.C. (1589 A.T.–1593 A.T)

Flight to Opar (novel): 10,008 B.C.–10,007 B.C. (1593 A.T.)

“A Kick in the Side” (short story): 10,008 B.C. (1593 A.T.)

“Kwasin and the Bear God” (novella): 10,008 B.C. (1593 A.T.)

The Song of Kwasin (novel): 10,008 B.C.–10,004 B.C. (1593 A.T.–1597 A.T.)

Hadon, King of Opar (novella): circa 9991 B.C. (1609 A.T.)

Blood of Ancient Opar (forthcoming novella): circa 9991 B.C. (1609 A.T)

* After Temple, i.e., after the founding of the large stone-block temple to Kho on the island of Khokarsa in 11,600 B.C.