How did Philip José Farmer pronounce the name “Hadon” from his Ancient Opar books?

Hugo- and Nebula-award-winning author Philip José Farmer created a highly detailed fictional language and pronunciation for his Khokarsa series (also referred to as the Ancient Opar series). In these two brief audio clips, Farmer demonstrates the pronunciation of “Hadon,” the protagonist of the novels Hadon of Ancient Opar (1974) and Flight to Opar (1976). This recording is from the Edgar Rice Burroughs Dum-Dum convention held on September 1, 1973 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

h: voiceless glottal fricative (expressed somewhat more strongly than in English h)

a: low central spread vowel (as in Spanish)

d: voiced dental stop

o: mid-back rounded vowel (as in Spanish)

n: voiced dental nasal

For a complete Khokarsa series checklist, see here.

PulpFest/FarmerCon VII Schedule

I’m excited to be a guest at PulpFest/FarmerCon VII in Columbus, OH next week, where Meteor House will be launching my latest book, Exiles of Kho, a standalone novella set in Philip José Farmer’s Khokarsa. I expect to be hanging out much of the time at the Meteor House table in the Dealers’ Room, and my convention schedule is as follows:

Friday, August 10:

11:00 AMExiles of Kho Book Launch – author Christopher Paul Carey will be signing the limited edition release of his book

1:00 PMThe New Fictioneers – Christopher Paul Carey will read from his novel co-authored with Philip José Farmer, The Song of Kwasin, part of the Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa omnibus, forthcoming from Subterranean Press, as well as an excerpt from his new novella, Exiles of Kho.

7:00 PMLord Tyger, Time’s Last Gift, and the Gods of Opar – our FarmerCon VII panelists discuss a sampling of the Burroughs and Verne-inspired works of Philip José Farmer. Moderated by Paul Spiteri, editor of Pearls from Peoria and featuring authors Win Scott Eckert and Christopher Paul Carey.

Locus Online on Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa

Locus Online has posted a well-considered and perceptive review by Paul di Filippo of Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa. Here’s an excerpt from the review on The Song of Kwasin, the previously unpublished third novel in the Khokarsa cycle that I coauthored with Phil Farmer:

[T]he novel possesses an organic, unified feel, and a high level of storytelling craft. The legacy of the Khokarsa cycle is continued in honorable and entertaining fashion…

So readers who miss Farmer’s distinct voice and worldview can safely rejoice in this posthumous addition to his worldbuilding canon.

Read the full review online here.

Gods of Opar has arrived!

It’s been almost seven years since Philip José Farmer and I first discussed the idea of completing The Song of Kwasin, the third novel in the Khokarsa series. Since that time, too many hurtles on the road to the novel’s publication have been jumped for me to even remember them all, and many were the days that I feared Kwasin’s story might go forever untold. But this morning the long-awaited day finally arrived and I received printed copies of the omnibus of all three novels in the series—Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa.

This massive tome is a Brobdingnagian thing of beauty thanks to Bob Eggleton’s fantastical apocalyptic dust jacket painting and the top-notch design folks at Desert Isle Designs and Subterranean Press. The trade edition clocks in at 576 pages, and the limited edition at a weighty 616 (a whole extra signature of bonus materials by PJF!). At last Phil’s epic trilogy of adventure and prehistory is complete, with the ending of the saga exactly as he told me he wanted it.

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped along the way to make this book become a reality—family, friends, colleagues, and professionals. But especially I’d like to thank the graciousness, kindness, and generosity of Phil and Bette Farmer. As I said in the book’s acknowledgments, I’ll always cherish the good times we had in Peoria.

Gods of Opar Limited Edition over 85% sold out

Some good news! It looks like Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa is experiencing strong sales. The publisher, Subterranean Press, has posted the following on their website:

Philip Jose Farmer and Christopher Paul Carey’s Gods of Opar is the next book slated to land in our warehouse.

The limited edition, signed by Carey, which contains extensive background material on the omnibus, is over 85% sold out, and continuing to sell steadily. Preorders from our wholesale and large online retail accounts has been strong. If you’re of a mind to pick up a copy of either edition of this mammoth (576 pages) omnibus, now’s the time. 

Here’s a reminder of the extras–previously unpublished and gathered from Phil Farmer’s files–that are included in the limited edition.

Exclusive to the Limited Edition:

  • The Song of Kwasin Outline
  • The Khokarsan Language
  • Khokarsan Glossary
  • The Khokarsan Calendar
  • The Plants of Khokars

Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa is expected to ship in June.