The Green Man Review on Venus on the Half-Shell and Others

Robert M. Tilendis takes a look at Venus on the Half-Shell and Others over at The Green Man Review. From the review:

This is one of those delights that is almost impossible to describe — one can really only nibble around the edges and hope that some of the sense of it gets digested. Even though I’ve been a compulsive reader since toddlerhood, I’m sure there is much here that I’m missing — I can’t possibly remember every author-character from everything I’ve read, but it’s a marvel and a joy to see a gifted writer having this kind of fun. (And happily, there is much here that I do get.) Carey’s doing a wonderful job of bringing us the stories of Farmer, and this collection is right on target.

Read the full review here.

Needless to say, this really made my day. 🙂

SF Site review: Up from the Bottomless Pit and Other Stories

(Via) Over at The SF Site Nathan Brazil has reviewed Philip JosĂ© Farmer’s Up from the Bottomless Pit and Other Stories, which I edited for Subterranean Press. He seemed really to get what the collection was all about. From the review:

The foreword for this collection, “Philip JosĂ© Farmer On The Road to the Emerald City” by Christopher Paul Carey, states that “Farmer’s words glitter in the dreamer’s mind like Dorothy’s magic shoes, glinting in the brilliant sunlight of Oz.” It is a fine and honest appraisal of what’s on offer. The combination of Subterranean Press and Philip JosĂ© Farmer is a terrific example of how well publishing can work when a publisher is blessed with the brains to spot a good thing. In this case, several good things plucked from the dimly lit corners of Farmer’s career.

Read the full review here.

*Note: Up from the Bottomless Pit and Other Stories is a limited edition book which is now out of print, although currently copies are available from Mythos Books and Camelot Books.

PJF International Bibliography weighs in on Venus on the Half-Shell and Others

Rias Nuninga of the Philip Jose Farmer International Bibliography seems to be very happy Venus on the Half-Shell and Others. Here are some snippets from his review

The book contains stories that Farmer has written in the 70’s of the past century. Nearly all of them were published while Farmer was using pseudonyms, or in these cases using the names of fictional authors for pseudonyms.

Carey did a fantastic job bringing the stories together in this book and introducing everyone of them individually. The stories are all great—some belong to the best of Farmer’s oeuvre—and just fun to read.

But where to start? I am feeling like the young boy standing with his nose at the window of a candyshop. He has the money to buy one of the displayed candies. They are all good and very tasty, he has had them once before, but which one to choose for now?

I am extremely pleased that Rias liked the book, and also my introductions, especially since his website was a tremendously helpful resource while I was putting the collection together. Read Rias’s full review here.

Venus on the Half-Shell and Others shipping this week

From Subterranean Press:

Later this week we’ll begin shipping Venus on the Half-Shell and Others, the marvelous collection in which Philip Jose Farmer slips out of his own skin and into those of a number of fictional authors.

As Venus received a Starred Review from Publishers Weekly, and another glowing one from Booklist, distributor and retailer orders have been strong, so we don’t expect to have copies around for long.