Carson of Venus: The Flames Beyond #3

Written by Christopher Paul Carey
Art by Cyrus Mesarcia
Main Cover and Limited Edition Cover by Cyrus Mesarcia
Pulp Homage Cover by Puis Calzada

In the climactic conclusion of Carson of Venus: The Flames Beyond, Carson Napier must go head to head with his nemesis Varlek Sar, whose army of ghostly Carson duplicates is locked in a deadly battle with the allied forces Duare has assembled from across Amtor. But the war raging in the streets of the dystopian science-city of Havatoo is just the diversion Varlek Sar needs, as he sets his sights beyond the mythical flames that surround Amtor to achieve his true goal-conquest of the planet Earth! Carson of Venus The Flames Beyond #3 comes with three covers – Main by series artist Cyrus Mesarcia, Pulp Homage by Puis Calzada, and limited-edition Character Design edition also by Mesarcia.

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American Mythology Productions: Main Cover (Mesarcia) | Pulp Homage Cover (Calzada) | Character Design Cover (Mesarcia)
TFAW.COM: Main Cover (Mesarcia) | Pulp Homage Cover (Calzada)
Midtown Comics: Main Cover (Mesarcia) | Pulp Homage Cover (Calzada) | Character Design Cover (Mesarcia)

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