Victory Harben: Fires of Halos (forthcoming)
Swords Against the Moon Men (2017)
Blood of Ancient Opar (2016)
Hadon, King of Opar (2015)
Exiles of Kho (2012)
The Song of Kwasin with Philip José Farmer (2012)

Short Stories, Novelettes, and Novellas
“Pellucidar: Dark of the Sun” (2020)
“City of Spirits” (2015)
“With Dust Their Glittering Towers” (2014)
“The Goddess Equation” (2014)
“Dune Runner” (2014)
“Devil’s Dark Harvest” (2011)
“Kwasin and the Bear God” with Philip José Farmer (2010)
“A Kick in the Side” (2010)
“Caesar’s Children” (2009)
“Iron and Bronze” (2009)

“Pellucidar: Dark of the Sun” in Carson of Venus: The Eye of Amtor (2020)
Carson of Venus: The Flames Beyond
Pathfinder Worldscape: Dejah Thoris One-Shot (2018)
Pathfinder Worldscape: Lord of the Jungle One-Shot (2017)

The Grandest Adventure: Writings on Philip José Farmer (2018)

Selected Books Edited
Flight to Opar: Restored Edition (2015)
Tales of the Wold Newton Universe (with Win Scott Eckert) (2013)
The Other in the Mirror (2009)
Venus on the Half-Shell and Others (2008)
Up from the Bottomless Pit and Other Stories (2007)