Afterword in Philip José Farmer’s VENUS ON THE HALF-SHELL

Today I received my contributor copies of Philip José Farmer’s Venus on the Half-Shell. This new edition from Titan Books includes my afterword “More Real Than Life Itself: Philip José Farmer’s Fictional-Author Period.” The book releases on December 10th in both paperback and ebook editions, and it marks the twelfth and final Philip José Farmer title to be brought out by Titan. Quite an impressive run of books! I am honored to have been able to contribute a little something to four of the volumes in the series.

New story accepted: “With Dust Their Glittering Towers”

My new novelette “With Dust Their Glittering Towers” has been accepted for a forthcoming, as-yet-unannounced anthology. The story is a supernatural mystery set in 1889, and it both is tied into to the novel I’m working on and serves as the first installment of a new series of short works that I’m calling the Fly-Leaves cycle. These will all be set in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century England and will feature a group of people who find themselves drawn together as they attempt to uncover the secrets of an ancient conspiracy. The way I envision it right now, I plan to eventually write seven more stories in the cycle, one of which will be a novella-length work titled “Strange Promus.”

I’ll be sure to post more details on where “With Dust Their Glittering Towers” will appear as soon as the anthology is announced.


Cover art by Joe DeVito

Meteor House has posted the final cover art by Joe DeVito for their new hardcover deluxe edition of Philip José Farmer’s Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life, which includes my essay “An Archaeology of Dreams,” as well as several other bonus features as detailed below.

From Meteor House:

Back in print for the first time in over 30 years, Philip José Farmer’s biography of the bronze crusader who fought almost 200 separate battles against the forces of evil “is ingenious, sardonic, adulatory, outrageous and funny in turn.” (Publisher’s Weekly)

Philip José Farmer, biographer of Lord Greystoke, has turned his superb research and narrative skills to one of the greatest heroes of our time: Doc Savage, the bronze champion of justice. Now, at last, the incredible life story of the real man behind the exploits in the Doc Savage pulp novels can be told, including: his true name (Dr. James Clarke Wildman, Jr.); his family background, covering his relationship to such stalwarts as Lord Greystoke, Sherlock Holmes, Sam Spade, James Bond, and Fu Manchu); detailed information on some of his most devilish opponents—John Sunlight, the Mystic Mullah, and Mr. Wail; a summation of some of Doc’s most amazing inventions; and biographies of the Fabulous Five—Monk, Ham, Renny, Long Tom, and Johnny—as well as the group’s Lady Auxiliary and Bronze Knockout, Doc’s own cousin Pat Savage!

Together with other data and brilliant deductions, Philip José Farmer offers an amazing account of this remarkable man’s astonishing career!

Available now for preorder, the newly revised edition of Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life also features a brand new foreword by Farmer and pulp expert Win Scott Eckert, updates to the “List of Doc Savage Stories” including the latest novels, and rare material culled from Mr. Farmer’s notes.

The deluxe hardcover edition arrives just in time for Doc’s 80th anniversary, and features tributes by other Farmer and Doc experts, including John Allen Small, Keith Howell, Rick Lai, Art Sippo, Christopher Paul Carey, and current Doc Savage writer Will Murray, as well as other bonus materials not seen in prior editions, such as:

• Doc’s Coat of Arms, reconstructed by Win Scott Eckert and illustrated by Keith Howell, from notes by Philip José Farmer
 • A List of Doc Savage Comics by Win Scott Eckert and John Allen Small, a rundown of authorized Doc Savage comics which supplements Mr. Farmer’s List of Doc Savage Stories
• Writing Doc’s Biography by Philip José Farmer
• Afterword to Doc Savage Omnibus #13 by Philip José Farmer

“Written with wit and charm, sprinkled with allusions, this is a book to delight both science fiction and mystery fans.” (Library Journal)

Ordering the book:

* All copies preordered by June 30th, 2013 will be signed by Win Scott Eckert at FarmerCon VIII / Pulpfest 2013. In addition, Meteor House will try to organize a signing by the bonus material contributors (John Allen Small, Keith Howell, Rick Lai, Art Sippo, Christopher Paul Carey, and Will Murray), who are available at FarmerCon VIII / Pulpfest 2013. (Hint: almost all of them are sure to be there!) After FarmerCon VIII only unsigned copies of the book will be available to purchase


Tribute essay in Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life

Cover art to the 1973 Doubleday first edition

Farmer’s fictional biography Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life was a huge influence on me way back when, and believe me when I say I’m truly honored to have a tribute essay—titled “An Archaeology of Dreams”—in the forthcoming deluxe hardcover edition that’s coming out in July from Meteor House. The deep emotions that were churned up while writing the essay kind of took me by surprise. Some books really leave their marks. This was one of those for me, and even now, after all these years, the book is still clanging around inside my subconscious, or perhaps roaring gleefully like Monk Mayfair in a scrap.

Copies signed by a number of the contributors (including me) can be preordered through June 30, 2013. After that date, the book can still be ordered, though not the signed edition. The book will debut in July at FarmerCon VIII/Pulpfest 2013. If you’re interested in the book, you can order it direct from the publisher here.

Tales of the Wold Newton Universe

Win Scott Eckert broke the news yesterday about the table of contents for the upcoming anthology Tales of the Wold Newton Universe, due out from Titan Books in October 2013. I’m honored to be collaborating on the book’s introduction with Win, and that the anthology will include “Kwasin and the Bear God,” my 20,000-word novella with Philip José Farmer that’s set between the first two chapters of The Song of Kwasin. I will note that this is the first-ever Wold Newton fiction anthology, so if you like Farmer’s Wold Newton mythos, you’re going to want to pick up this one. The book is now available to preorder at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Here are the full contents:


Introduction by Win Scott Eckert and Christopher Paul Carey

The Great Detective and Others

“The Problem of the Sore Bridge–Among Others” by Harry Manders (Philip José Farmer)
“A Scarletin Study” by Jonathan Swift Somers III (Philip José Farmer)
“The Doge Whose Barque Was Worse Than His Bight” by Jonathan Swift Somers III (Philip José Farmer)

Pulp Inspirations

“Skinburn” by Philip José Farmer
“The Freshman” by Philip José Farmer
“After King Kong Fell” by Philip José Farmer

Wold Newton Prehistory: The Khokarsa Series

“Kwasin and the Bear God” by Philip José Farmer and Christopher Paul Carey

Wold Newton Prehistory: John Gribardsun & Time’s Last Gift

“Into Time’s Abyss” by John Allen Small
“The Last of the Guaranys” by Octavio Aragão & Carlos Orsi

Wold Newton Origins / Secrets of the Nine

“The Wild Huntsman” by Win Scott Eckert