Things to Come…

Un trône pour Hadon (Le cycle d'Opar 1)

2006 French edition of Hadon of Ancient Opar by Philip José Farmer.

Happy New Year and welcome to the new website! I have retired the old blog, so this is where you’re going to want to visit for news about what I’m up to and to link to going forward.

And there will be—and is—news. Namely, this summer will see the release from Meteor House of the fourth book in the Khokarsa seres: Hadon, King of Opar. The stars aligned, permissions of the multiple parties required to write and publish books about Opar were sought and graciously granted, two new Ancient Opar books were announced, and I got to work. The news is that I am very nearly finished writing the book! Then I’ll take a few weeks for revisions and off to the publisher it will go. After that, in the months ahead, I’ll be writing Blood of Ancient Opar, which, like the fourth book, will be based on Philip José Farmer’s notes for the series. As many readers of the Khokarsa/Ancient Opar books know, Phil had announced at various times that he had plans to write anywhere from five to twelve books in the series!

There’s more news upcoming. Although contracts haven’t been inked yet, it’s looking like there may be new reprints of the Khokarsa series coming soon. I hope to post more details about that in the future.

I’ve also added a section to the new website about the Khokarsa series (see the drop-down tab in the menu above) New features will be added to the section as time goes on, so keep an eye on it. I’m also hoping to be writing a series of posts about H. Warner Munn, whose work I’ve been collecting and reading a lot of lately.

That’s it for now—I’ve got to get back to writing!