Exiles of Kho: Get your name in the book!

Over the next week I’ll be putting the finishing touches on the manuscript of Exiles of Kho, my signed limited edition novella set in the world of Philip José Farmer’s Khokarsa (i.e., the same world as Gods of Opar) that’s due out later this summer from Meteor House. This is a big-picture continuity story that has ties to the larger Farmerian mythos (dust off your old DAW Books editions of Ironcastle, folks!), so I’m really excited about it.

Meteor House would like for me to remind you that if you preorder the novella by June 30, your name will appear on a special acknowledgments page in the book! Only a few copies of the novella will be printed beyond the number preordered, so it’s expected that it will sell out fast, especially since those few extra copies will be on sale at PulpFest in August. So if you want a copy of Exiles of Kho, the only way to guarantee you’ll get a copy is to preorder it now!