Gods of Opar Limited Edition over 85% sold out

Some good news! It looks like Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa is experiencing strong sales. The publisher, Subterranean Press, has posted the following on their website:

Philip Jose Farmer and Christopher Paul Carey’s Gods of Opar is the next book slated to land in our warehouse.

The limited edition, signed by Carey, which contains extensive background material on the omnibus, is over 85% sold out, and continuing to sell steadily. Preorders from our wholesale and large online retail accounts has been strong. If you’re of a mind to pick up a copy of either edition of this mammoth (576 pages) omnibus, now’s the time. 

Here’s a reminder of the extras–previously unpublished and gathered from Phil Farmer’s files–that are included in the limited edition.

Exclusive to the Limited Edition:

  • The Song of Kwasin Outline
  • The Khokarsan Language
  • Khokarsan Glossary
  • The Khokarsan Calendar
  • The Plants of Khokars

Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa is expected to ship in June.