Announcing Exiles of Kho: A Tale of Lost Khokarsa

Here is the publisher’s information about the new signed limited edition novella I have coming out later this year from Meteor House. What’s very intriguing about the publishing model is that the print run will be determined by the number of preorders, with only a few copies being printed above that amount. Further, if you preorder Exiles of Kho before June 30, 2012, your name will appear on a special acknowledgments page in the book. Exiles of Kho: A Tale of Lost Khokarsa is only available for preorder directly from Meteor House.

Exiles of Kho: A Tale of Lost Khokarsa

by Christopher Paul Carey

Cover art and interior illustrations by Mike Hoffman
Hundreds of years before the hero Hadon sailed forth from his shining city of gold and jewels upon his legendary adventures, the heroine-priestess Lupoeth set out upon the decree of the oracle to discover a new land upon the untamed shores of ancient Africa’s southern sea. But Lupoeth finds herself little prepared for the trials ahead, as well as those that follow upon her heels—for the jealous  queen who wants her rival banished has appointed a worshiper of the sun god with a criminal past as the expedition’s priest, hoping to undermine the mission and seal its doom.

Now, lost in the deep jungle, Lupoeth must fight to keep her ill-equipped band of followers alive in the face of deadly beasts, savage Neanderthals, and conspiring enemies. Soon she finds the most accursed deity of her people’s faith, exiled from the empire by the Great Goddess Kho Herself, may be her only ally in this wild land. But Sahhindar, the god of Time and bronze, has a mysterious agenda of his own—one that Lupoeth fears might spell doom not only for her expedition, but for the entire world…
This limited edition novella will be signed by the author, Christopher Paul Carey, coauthor with Philip José Farmer of the third novel in the Khokarsa series. The print run will be determined by the number of preorders we receive by June 30, 2012. A very limited number of copies beyond the preorders will be printed.
*** As an added bonus ***

If you preorder by June 30, your name will appear in the book
on a special acknowledgments page.

US $15.00 + shipping
5×8 tpb – pp. tba
Signed Limited Edition
Estimated publication date: Late summer/early fall 2012
Christopher Paul Carey is the coauthor of The Song of Kwasin, the long-awaited conclusion to Philip José Farmer’s epic Khokarsa series, now available alongside the first two volumes of the series—Hadon of Ancient Opar and Flight to Opar—in the omnibus Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa (Subterranean Press, 2012). Carey is also the author of the short story A Kick in the Side and the novella Kwasin and the Bear God, both adventure tales set in the lost civilization of Khokarsa (available from Meteor House in separate volumes of the Worlds of Philip José Farmer). He is an editor with Paizo Publishing, and the editor of three collections of Philip José Farmer’s work. Visit him online at