Philip José Farmer’s Time’s Last Gift: New Titan Books edition with all-new bonus material

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be contributing a new, heavily Wold Newton-flavored afterword to Titan Books’ new edition of Time’s Last Gift, Philip José Farmer‘s classic novel of time travel. The Titan edition will also include a timeline by Wold Newton scholars Win Scott Eckert and Dennis E. Power detailing pertinent events in the long, long life of the book’s protagonist, John Gribardsun. I’m viewing the books in this new Wold Newton series as the definitive editions of these classic Farmerian works, so I’m encouraging folks who want to see more books like this down the line to preorder them or pick them up as soon as they’re published.

Check out Win’s update about his and Dennis Power’s Time’s Last Gift timeline here.

This novel is of particular interest to me because it’s positioned as the prequel to the Khokarsa series (collected in the forthcoming Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa, due out this April from Subterranean Press). If you don’t know how the books are connected, you’ll just have wait and find out by reading Time’s Last Gift and my afterword.

The bonus pieces for the new Titan edition, due out this June, are as follows:

  • Afterword: “John Gribardsun and the Prehistoric Wold Newton Family” by Christopher Paul Carey
  • “Gribardsun through the Ages: A Chronology of Major Events Pertinent to Time’s Last Gift” by Win Scott Eckert and Dennis E. Power

    The new edition of Time’s Last Gift can be preordered now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.