Free fiction: Read the opening scene of “Kwasin and the Bear God”

“Kwasin Exiled” by Roy G. Krenkel

Meteor House has posted the opening 3,300-word scene from “Kwasin and the Bear God.” The novella is set in Philip Jose Farmer’s Khokarsa series and picks up the story of Hadon’s giant, exiled, ax-wielding cousin Kwasin just after the events of Hadon of Ancient Opar. While “Bear God” is a standalone story, Kwasin’s adventures on the island of Khokarsa will continue in The Song of Kwasin, the third novel in the Khokarsa cycle, which will be published next year in an omnibus of the series (stay tuned for details).

In related news, it appears that Titan Books will be putting out a new edition of Time’s Last Gift, which serves as a sort of prequel to the Khokarsa series (it’s little secret that the protagonist of Time’s Last Gift, John Gribardsun, shows up in the series as the god Sahhindar). This is very exciting news indeed for Farmer and Khokarsa fans, and well timed with the upcoming release next year of the Khokarsa omnibus.