I just discovered that the Library of Congress has scanned Ignatius Donnelly’s rare campaign biography Donnelliana: An Appendix to “Caesar’s Column” and uploaded it to This was, next to The American People’s Money, the hardest book of Donnelly’s to track down, unavailable even through the usual used and rare book markets online, although I finally did manage to acquire a physical copy of the first edition a few months ago (after having gotten it through interlibrary loan a couple years ago). While Everett W. Fish was attributed as the book’s editor, after a dispute with Donnelly, Fish claimed Donnelly had written the whole book himself. This turned out to be more or less true, Donnelly having been assisted by his son-in-law George Giltinan to compile the book from Donnelly’s journals and other archives. I don’t think very many copies of the book were printed, or that of those, a whole lot of copies survived the years outside of libraries. Interestingly, Everett W. Fish also wrote perhaps the first book ever on ancient Egyptian archaeoastronomy, which makes one wonder if the two men ever discussed Donnelly’s work on Atlantis.

And by the way, don’t fear, my Donnelly project is still very much alive, just running behind schedule due to other priorities.